Bruce Reilly


Bruce Reilly - Dip. Phys, Post Grad. Dip Manual Therapy, AdvII CST, SERII, VMII

A member of The New Zealand Society of Physiotherapists and Sports Physiotherapy New Zealand, Bruce is 59 years of age and has over 35 years experience in Physiotherapy. He has a Postgraduate Diploma in Manipulative Therapy and is skilled in Acupuncture trigger point needling and myofascial release.  His practice is ACC funded. His vast experience, enables him to bring many skills and techniques to his treatment sessions, and his fundamental approach to self management, empowers the client to progress from coping with pain and dysfunction, to ultimately mastering it. Bruce has worked in hospitals, sports clinics and with many local sports teams, volleyball clubs, rugby clubs and is founding physiotherapist and Life Member at the Ferrymead Bays Football Club.  He manages The Redcliffs Clinic providing optometry, podiatry, Plunket, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to that community.  He has 3 adult children. He lives with his wife Kerry and her daughter Rosa and Milly a West Highland White Terrier.   His passions are; motorcycling, yoga, brewing and travel.